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The Scotch Malt Whisky Society

Out and About whisky tastings

If you’re planning your own event in a separate venue altogether, we can bring our kit and caboodle to you. Wherever you are, from the bottom of your garden to the top of a Singapore skyscraper. Nowhere is too far when it comes to sharing our expertise and passion for single cask, single malt whisky.

Tastings at Your Place

Society whisky tastings include entertaining SMWS Whisky Ambassadors, specialist tasting glasses, bespoke tasting notes and guide, not forgetting a range of SMWS single cask malt whiskies.

The following external tasting services are available at ANY location in the UK:

SMWS Taster bars
Market-stalls, each presenting a unique single cask malt with dedicated SMWS Ambassador - perfect for conferences, trade shows and receptions.

SMWS Masterclass
SMWS Ambassadors present to an audience - perfect for conferences and dinners.

SMWS Pairings
SMWS whiskies paired with each course of a menu, with SMWS Ambassadors offering an introduction to each as they are presented thoughout the meal - perfect for gala diners.

Full info, imagery and pricing on our Out and About Whisky Tastings [PDF - 2Mb]

Whether it is matching our whiskies to the characteristics of diamonds for a jeweller, selecting whiskies from haunted distilleries for a paranormal conference or simply pairing our malts with the food menu on offer, we are passionate about making the experience relevant to the occasion and guests.

Put us to the challenge to create your own unique theme!

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